Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You need to know

  Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You need to know

In this article i made a handy list of most useful Windows shortcut keys that will make your day to day tech life better. Collection of best Keyboard Shortcuts and tricks.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Use ctrl+shift+escape to directly open the task manager

Use Windows Key + Arrow Key (left/right) to either move your window across multiple monitors, or to fix it to that half of the screen.

Windows + Left/Right = Move across monitors/maximize TO HALF
Windows + Up = Maximize
Window + Down = Minimize.
These help tons when you have multiple monitors.

Windows + Print Screen = Screenshot of the current window and saves it as a PNG in Pictures\Screenshots.

Win+Pause|Break = System Properties. 

Use Win+D to quickly show the desktop.

Press WinKey+L  to instantly lock your computer.

Shift + Right-Click a folder to access an alternative menu that allows you to open a CMD prompt from that location, among other things.

Open an elevated command prompt in not even half a second by pressing Winkey+X and then A.

Selecting an item and hitting F2 allows you to rename the item.Press TAB to jump to the next file when renaming.

Aligning Windows: Win + Left/Right Arrow.

Resizing Icons: CTRL - Mouse Wheel.

Ctrl + 0 to Always Set the Zoom to default value.

Windows Key+E (Open an Explorer Window)

Windows key + T: Cycle through the apps on the taskbar.

Winkey+ Number: Opens the corresponding numbered application from the taskbar icons. Win+1 opens the first , Win+2 opens the second , etc.

Winkey+ M Minimizes all windows.

Winkey+ Spacebar Preview Desktop (makes all open windows transparent)

Winkey+Shift+S - Screenshot a Portion of the Screen using snipping tool in Windows 10

Winkey+ Tab - Accidentally found that when I was trying to alt tab. A cooler view of alt tab.

Ctrl + Alt + [Arrow keys] - Flips screen Upside-Down & Right-Left

Ctrl + Z Undoes an action.

Ctrl + Y Redoes an action.

Ctrl + Shift + N Creates a new folder.

Ctrl + O Open a file in current software program.

Alt + Enter This forces demos to go full screen.

Alt + F4 Close the currently active program.

When typing an address into most browsers, CTRL + Enter will wrap whatever you typed with the http://www before it and .com after it. Type Cybernog ctrl+enter as an example.

Pressing Ctrl+TAB will allow you to seamlessly switch between tabs in your internet browser.

In chrome, Control + Shift + T reopens a tab you accidentally closed.

F6  places the cursor in the address bar of your browser - I use that a lot.

Ctrl + A Select all text.

Ctrl + Backspace deletes entire words at a time Also, Ctrl + arrow keys will move the cursor word by word, and if you hold shift you can select word by word.

Ctrl + Shift + V: paste text without formatting.

Press Ctrl+Shift+[Arrow Key] to select blocks of text.

Simply loop a video on Youtube by right clicking it and hitting "loop".

Keys J (-10sec) - K (pause) - L (+10 sec) controls Youtube video.

There are more hotkeys for Youtube such as F - Full screen, C - Closed Captions, M - Mutes, 0-9 keys for going directly to certain parts of the video.

Is Your Audio Out of Sync in VLC? Use ctrl + K or ctrl + L (or just J and K) to increase/decrease audio delay to fix sync issues.

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  1. There is also Alt+D to move cursor to the address bar, I find that more convenient because my left hand is always chilling down there. In youtube, arrow left and right do -5sec and +5sec instead of J and L that does -+10. I alternate between these.
    ctrl+t for a new tab in chrome, ctrl+w to close a tab.

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  2. Thanks for these. The window aligning is most helpful as is the lock computer Win+L.

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