Sunday, March 29, 2020

Free Download ThopTV v24 (Watch Altbalaji, Zee5, Hotstar, Netflix Movies & 1000+ Channels)

By Cybernog

Free Download ThopTV v24 Latest Version

Free Download ThopTV v24 Watch Altbalaji, Zee5, Hotstar, Movies & 1000+ Channels

Features of ThopTV APK:

1- Indian & International Web Series (Free Altbalaji Webseries, Ullu, Premium Hotstar, Viu, Free NetFlix, Free Zee5 & Much More)

2– Latest Movies (Bollywood & Hollywood)

3– Live TV

4– Live Sports

5– 5000+Live TV Channels and Radio Channels

6– Android TV & Firestick Support.

7- 50+ Languages

8– Subtitles

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free alt balaji web series 
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How To Fix Broken Keyboard Keys By Remapping

Keyboard remapping is a technique using which we can map any key to any other key i.e. you can reassign the function of a key to something else. To be more clearer lets say that your space bar is broken. It is an often used key so you can remap the function of an less frequently used key like "]" to function as a space bar i.e. every time when you press the "]" button it will function as a space bar.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Live CCTV Links Of China - US - Italy Find Out Whats Really Going On

By Cybernog

Live CCTV Links Of China - US - Italy

CCTV Links Of China

You can come closer with China without leaving home. Many events are illuminated by the real-time public cameras, installed all over the China. This is the best way to check the China's current status. Find out the Chinese everyday routine with the Live CCTV Link!

CCTV Links Of China



Thousands of cameras and security systems available to view From USA.

CCTV Links Of Italy

CCTV Links Of Italy

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Netflix Premium v7.4 Mod APK Free Download

By Cybernog

Netflix Premium v7.4 Mod APK Free Download

Features of Netflix Premium Mod APK Free Download:

1. No Login Required- It is totally Free to Use without providing any Login Information.

2. Unlimited Free Movies/Shows/Series- Watch Unlimited Movies / TV Shows (Premium)

3. No Advertisements (Ad Free)

4. Unlimited Watching Screen- No User Limit

5. 4K Ultra HD Quality– You can Watch in Any Quality (144p, 240p, 360p, HD, Full HD, & Ultra HD 4k)

6. Up to 10 Fastest Streaming Servers are available.

Netflix mod apk 100% working

7. Support Tablet & TV

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You Can Download one File at a time. Wait for 10sec to download another File.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Corona Opens Door For Hackers

By Cybernog

Logical Move To Work From Home and Quarantine Opens Door For Hackers

Digital crooks are aware of the work from home pattern "and they are doing what they can to utilize it to penetrate into associations," said Esti Peshin, leader of the digital division at state-possessed Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel's biggest guard contractual worker. 

The open doors for programmers are complex. 

Numerous laborers are moving their bosses' information from expertly oversaw corporate systems to home WiFi arrangements ensured with essential passwords. 

A few associations are extricating limitations to permit businesses to get to work-basic data from their rooms or home workplaces. 

Telecommuting may open workers to bring down tech dangers as well, including robbery or loss of electronic gear or plain human blunder by representatives acclimating to another condition. 

Hackers are Also spreading malware through coronavirus maps

As the people are always keeping track of how much the corona virus has taken over day to day. Hackers have found a way to hack into computers using this scenario. Hackers will design a website layout that will show the current situation of the corona virus spread all over the word and while viewing it will prompt you to download an app which dis malicious binary file to access information from your system.

These websites have a different URL than the original source website and the malware is currently affecting windows systems only.
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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Human Duplicates Coming In 2020 and We Won't Know the Difference

By Cybernog
Human Duplicates Coming In 2020 and We Won't Know the Difference

Pleasure Robots that look so reasonable they will trick people into speculation they are genuine are coming this year 2020, The 2010 saw historic leaps forward in the innovation of dolls controlled by man-made brainpower (AI). Robots would now be able to hold discussions, remember your character and react to human touch utilizing sensors. 

In the previous decade dolls were even founded on genuine individuals, including stars and humorist Whitney Cummings. In any case, the next decade is set to take their authenticity to levels just envisioned in science fiction. So genuine that you won't have the option to differentiate until you are mid-path through discussion, creators guarantees. 

Human Duplicates Coming In 2020 and We Won't Know the Difference

In the mean time Cloud Climax, who this year discharged its first doll with full AI, is making models that inhale utilizing an AI chest pit .It even pledges its models will "supplant human closeness". The presence of his dolls are as of now unrecognizable to people. 

As far as 'looks', I might suspect we're now there with a portion of the fresher structures. To the started, it's very simple to confuse the dolls with people, particularly when contrasted with the old school inflatable dolls. "We've arrived at where we've passed the 'uncanny valley' disorder and dolls really look like genuine individuals, both male and female. 

As innovation is getting further developed, so are our doll structures, one basic model is a few dolls are currently being made with 3D body scanners of people instead of being generally etched in a dirt.

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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Windows XP Running on His Desktop

By Cybernog 2 Comments

Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Windows XP Running on His Desktop

Microsoft has gone through years notice everybody around the globe to quit utilizing Windows XP, yet there are as yet a huge number of frameworks running the now old working framework. One of those PCs, mysteriously, sits on Russian president Vladimir Putin's work area. Putin's inclination for the brilliant period of Windows was uncovered in a Kremlin photograph discharge, which obviously shows the XP machine on the planet chief's office. 

The picture being referred to is from November, taken during a gathering Putin had with the WorldSkills Union. The screen shows what is obviously the Windows XP work area. It probably won't have the exemplary Bliss backdrop, yet you can tell from the shade of the taskbar this is Microsoft's around 2001 OS. It's to some degree astonishing that Putin's office PC isn't running Astra Linux. That adaptation of the open-source OS was grown explicitly for use by Russian military and insight. 

You probably won't understand, however Putin is 67 years of age. We as a whole have that more established relative who sticks with the innovation of days gone by until somebody makes them stop. All things considered, there's nobody in Russia to make Putin quit utilizing Windows XP. So there it is, running in a world chief's office over 18 years after discharge.

Despite everything anybody utilizing XP who needs refreshes needs to set up a spendy custom help contract with Microsoft. It's conceivable the Kremlin does that, however all things considered, Putin's PC is by and large effectively kept up and firewalled by the administration's safety faculty. In this way, maybe Putin can securely utilize a Windows XP PC. All things considered, that doesn't mean it's a decent encounter. For all the flack Windows 10 gets for its irritating update components and burdensome settings, it's universes superior to anything a working framework planned in the late 90s.

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