How To Install and Run Python in windows

How To Install and Run Python in Windows

Why use Python?

  • Python is a high level language.
  • Python has a fast built-in high-level data types.
  • Python is open source (free).
  • Python code is more readable.
  • Python is easy to learn and use.
  • Python is object-oriented.
  • Python requires short development time.
  • Python has many pre-existing tools and packages.
  • Python is flexible, powerful and portable.
  • Python is used by Google, Yahoo, Red Hat, NASA, IBM, CERN, etc.

Installing Python in Windows

1. At first download the python installer from the official website.

2. Run the installer package after downloading.

NOTE: Make sure that "Add python 3.6 to PATH" check box is enabled

3. The installation will be started in your system wait till the installation gets complete.


4.Once the installation is complete you will see the following screen.

Lets test the python installation!!

Running Python in Windows

1. Click on START and search for Python use either the IDLE or the Command line version of python.

NOTE: IDLE - GUI (Graphical User Interface) | Python 3.6 - CLI (Command Line Interface)

2. Open the application and click on File-->New File and start Coding.

4. After coding run the program using F5 or Run--> Run Module.

5. Output will be shown for the executed program.

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