How to Create Android Apps Without Coding

How to Create Android Apps Without Coding

Android is presently the most mainstream Operating system for mobile phones. Over 352 million smart phones run on Android (81.7 percent) and 77 million smart phones run on iOS (17.9 percent). So it raises a need for a service or a website to have a native application on android. Fortunately, there are many resources available to create your android applications and distribute on Google Play store. In this post, I demonstrate to you how you can make your first android application with no coding and programming knowledge.

Most used Android App Maker Softwares

In order to create an android application there are numerous online services and tools available. All you need it to sign up for them and start utilizing their tools for android application creation with simple methods. Well, lets have a look at some of those tools.

1. AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is an Easy-to-use free online service that enables you to transform your web content into an Android application. awesome isn't it? Anybody can do it, regardless of that you have no coding learning or experience. With the assistance of AppsGeyser an Android applications can be made without much of a stretch in not more than 5 minutes utilizing a basic two-step process.

2. Andromo

Andromo is more intelligent, quicker and better. Andromo really produces genuine Java code for each application you create, assembling it on our cloud servers utilizing Google's authentic Android SDK. You get solitary local Android application without any limitations. Regardless of the possibility that you were to code your application from the scratch. rather than investing a long time of energy and a huge number of dollars, you can make your application at this moment with Andromo.

3. Appypie

Appypie is a quick developing cloud based Mobile Application builder using which you can create astounding Apps with no coding learning for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. This app is available in both Play store and Apple app store. Appypie is a wonderful app making platform with great level of support.

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